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Foldable Fibre Mattress

11 Aug 2022
Made specially with fully high quality coconut fibre materials that will provide good ventilation and sleeping comfort. Natural materials like coconut fiber provides extra comfort and gives a very pleasant sleeping environment with an even temperature. When it's time to tidy up just fold it and tape!

100% High Quality Coconut Fibre
Firmness : Firm
Easy Foldable - comes with fabric tape and hand handle
Space Saving
Anti Dust Mite
Anti Bacteria
Superior Spinal Care
Environmental Friendly
Improves blood circulation
Enhanced Orthopedic Support

Measurement :
Single Size - 92cm x 190cm x 4.5cm

Perfect for travelling and sleepovers so make sure to get yours! Available for delivery all around Semenanjung Malaysia or walk in our showroom now